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BURSTED!!! Fake Medical Practitioner Nabbed In Lagos, Details About Her Will Shock You.

A Nigerian man has exposed a fake medical practitioner who extorts money as much as N10, 000 from poor elderly women in the Ojo area of Lagos state.

According to twitter user @theakorede who shared the story online, the fake medical practitioner comes to the area with a thermometer, lying to the women that the Thermometer is used to detect serious female medical conditions such as cancer and other diseases.

She would then ask the ignorant women to pay as much as N10000 for medications that will heal them of any ailment she mentions they have.

The women who are oblivious of her fraudulent act would pay the money, sometimes in instalment.

 The lady would then give them some items, claiming they are drugs. The drugs she gives to them are never with labels or NAFDAC numbers.

Read his account of what happened below...

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