Comedian AY Acquires Lexus Jeep Worth N65 Million Naira.

AY Posing with his new car.

This is good news coming from the home of comedian, Ayo Makun, known in the comedy world as AY, as he blessed himself recently with a wonder-on-wheels car, a Lexus LX570.

The car said to cost about N65Million Naira.

The LX 570 is certainly comfort defined. When inside, the exterior noise is nicely muted, and the seats are plush without being too dainty. The car comes with a standard kit such as an adjustable electro-hydraulic suspension system, a permanent four-wheel-drive system with dedicated low-range gearing.

The drive mode is in five different off-road variants: Rock, Rock and Dirt, Mogul, Loose Rock and Mud, and Sand. It has a very effective climate control system despite lacklustre front-seat ventilation.