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If I Marry Today, I’m Not Sure The Marriage Will Last ONE-MONTH –Big Breasted Cossy Orjiakor Says.

Cossy Orjiakor.

Very controversial and BREAST REVEALING Cossy Orjiakor has revealed that if she ever gets married, that her marriage may not last a month.

This she disclosed this in an interview with the Sun Newspapers and when asked if she is scared of marriage, she says:

“I am not scared of marriage. However, if it is somebody that is crazy enough to like someone like me; that would be great! But then, I am not that kind of person that is really into the love thing.

I cut-off easily, so I don’t know if I get married it is going to last a month unless the guy is f**king crazy and good to go. There was a time I had a boyfriend. I was cool with this dude and he wasn’t even giving me plenty of money and all that.

One day, a man just came into the house and was like ‘oh, this girl? You will not marry her-o’. I was angry and was like ‘who the hell wants to marry your son?’”

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