MY SPIRIT WILL FLOG ALL OF YOU IF I DIE & YOU COME TO SHED TEARS FOR ME – Says 94yrs Old Veteran Actor, Charles Olumo To His Colleagues.

Pa Charles Olumo.

This is a very serious issue to deal with at this point in time, as a lot of our entertainment practitioners, especially those of them in Nollwood, are facing various challenges of life, financial and heath wise.

One of those in that spectrum is Abdulsalam Ishola Sanyaolu, a Nollywood veteran actor, popularly referred to as Charles Olumo ‘Agbako’, who has been very sick in recent times, after he was he was diagnosed with a strange ailment that made him unable to move around and for this reason, he has been very absent from the movie scenes for some very long time now. 

The actor, who has recovered now, has called out his colleague actors whom he is accusing of abandoning him when he was on his sick bed and neglecting him at his point of need.  

According to a report by the Nigerian Tribune, Olumo has given out warnings to his colleagues, asking them to stay away from him when he dies, and not come shed crocodile tears at his burial.
HIS WARNING: “I have told them, and I’m also using this opportunity to inform them, that nobody should come and shed crocodile tears at my burial. If they do, my spirit will flog them, because when I needed their help, they were nowhere to be found", but I thanked God for healing me.  

HE SAYS: "I have been sick but thank God I’m back on my feet. My ailment was heart-related and after series of test, I was told that my heart was weak, coupled with the fact that I often forgot things." 

I didn’t undergo any surgery and the doctors said there was no way they could perform surgery on me...Though, I was operated upon when I had urinary ailment recently, I’m free from that now", Mr. Olumo concluded.