Opinion: Busola Dakolo Vs COZA - I STAND FOR THE TRUTH By Joel Williams.

So they would say, "When 2 or More Witness arise The Truth is Established!" but then I want to ask When 2 or more people bear false Witness what then is established.

To the Feminists Accusing me of being fake and Misogynistic...I bloody put it to you that you are a cheap Misandrist hiding under the guise of feminism.

Why do you all think that Just as much as RAPE VICTIMS are traumatized, People FALSELY ACCUSED of Rape also feel the same?

Everything is not about Misogyny or Misandry...

It's about equality...

Let's pay sensitive attention to both parties and stop this "PICK A SIDE, YOU ARE EITHER WITH THEM OR WITH US, YOU CANT SERVE 2 MASTERS AT THE SAME TIME" - There is always Three Sides Sweet Hearts and I stand for THE TRUTH.

While we throw heavy missiles at each other over mere allegations losing a true friendship because of our difference in Opinions, let's forget that tables can turn tomorrow, and You - from being an Apostle of prosecution will be subjected to the merciless feet of your own Hypocrisy"

Today Busola has filed a police complaint of rape - an alleged incident that happened 16yrs ago...We are not sure and like we know it all, some of US as already taking sides...

I can't vouch for Busola and I cant Vouch for Biodun, I don't know these people or the in-depth of their past relationships...So I will rather stay on the side of the Third Angle which is the TRUTH and since the TRUTH has been established with facts I can't take sides.

 Simply because 2 or more people came out to speak against Pst Biodun has proven anything yet...Let us not be OBLIVIOUS of the fact they can also be FALSE Accusers Afterall before Daniel( which literarily translates to "God is my judge" in Hebrew) was accused by  of Daniel of being REBELLIOUS AND SHOWING NO REGARDS FOR THE KING BY GOING AGAINST THE KINGS ORDERS (A CONSPIRACY THEY'D PLOTTED), Daniel was arrested and Cast down the DEN of Lions simply because the two or more witnesses of false accusations spoke up and a FALSE TRUTH was established...(You can read the full story from Daniel 6:12-END), Even Jesus was accused anyway.

I ran an Opinion Poll in My DM asking the MEN...what will you do if you are accused of rape and one simply said he would be "Silent after saying HE DID NOT DO IT" His reasons are;

"You cant Explain anything to Angry Nigerians and they believe you"

Which is exactly what Pst Biodun is doing now..people are prone to mistake his silence for weakness or fear and that we are not sure of, so let's follow this issue with our sincere yearning to gain the Truth and not be sentimental about it...

I want you to believe that False Accusation and Actual RAPE both come with severe Trauma!! I think the false accusation is heavier because when you are convicted of what you did not do...it can cause mental damages just as much as Actual Rape does...Here (https://www.nst.com.my/news/nation/2018/02/330845/penang-girl-who-attempted-suicide-after-being-accused-iphone-theft-dies) is a link to a story of a teenage girl who attempted suicide after she was accused of stealing her teachers IPHONE...Sadly she died. And HERE (https://www.tvcontinental.tv/2019/02/06/lady-stripped-and-tortured-after-phone-theft-accusation-photosvideos/) is a story to a girl mobbed by Men after she accused of stealing phone without proof, if she had been burnt to death...she would have died and we wont be able to know that it was a Conspiracy, Read HERE (https://www.tvcontinental.tv/2019/02/07/men-who-stripped-and-tortured-lady-accused-of-phone-theft-arrested/) to find out what happened to the False Accusers.

To the people fund of saying, "Wait Until It happens to your Mother, Or Sister, Or Daughter" If this is what your feminism is all about, I reject it and I wish you same and even add, "Wait Until Your Father, Brother Or Son get falsely Accused of a crime they did not commit".

So to Mrs Busola, After destroying this MAN...I hope you find all the peace in the World And Heal from Your TRUTH" and to Mr Biodun, If Truly you are Innocent, just like Daniel was Vindicated, May the God you are serving, Deliver YOU and put your false Accusers to Death.

Please If my Opinion pains you to death stay away from SHARP OBJECTS...I don't want my opinion to be the reason for you committed suicide.