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RE: I Never Had Any Issues With Gbenga Adekoya, All We Had Was Some Misunderstandings Blown Out Of Proportion & We Had Settled Since 2017 – Entrepreneur, Julian Osula.

Mr. Julian Osula & Gbenga Adekoya.
I am Mrs. Oghogho Osula. I am neither a writer, nor a Blogger and I am not an active Social Media person. I am writing about the unfortunate incident which happened last, precisely on Wednesday, 15th November around 8.30pm at Chevron toll gate involving one Mr. Gbenga Adekoya, whom I hear had a brief altercation with a part of the security detail in my husband’s convoy. 

I would love to state very candidly that my husband, Mr. Julian Osula was not at the scene of the altercation when it happened, and could never have supervised his security operatives from where he was. 

Julian Osula has apologized to Mr. Gbenga Adekoya through his personal Instagram page, Instablog and personally called on phone and was very willing to do same in person, which later happened. 

The above were part of the messages sent out by Mrs. Oghogbo Osula, the beautiful wife of Entrepreneur, Mr. Julian Osula, who is currently being dragged on Social Media by faceless individuals over an issue that happened in 2017, that is, two ago between his security details and one Mr. Gbenga Adekoya in the Chevron area of Lekki of Lagos, where Mr. Julian was erroneously accused of ordering the manhandling of the gentle. So, like it’s customary of us, “Precious Eze’s Blog” went to town again to investigate the matter and here are our findings.

The issue was reported to the Lagos State Police Command, and was assigned by the then Commissioner of Police, Edgar Imohimi to the former Deputy Police PRO, Lagos State Command, Mr. Iheanachor Ifeanyi Omuta, who handled the case professionally and the two men settled with themselves.

One now wonders why in 2019, an issue that happened and was settled in 2017 is being highlighted and brought to the fore, with HEADLINES captioned to tarnish the image and reputation of a man going about his normal businesses peacefully?

Mr. Julian Osula has been represented by those championing the recent smear campaigns against his person in bad light, even when he has no issues with anyone, to the extent that their recent respite has to be a forgotten issue of 2017, which was settled, with both men becoming close friends afterwards, putting question marks as to who really is doing all these?

The first impression that comes to mind would be that Mr. Gbenga Adekoya may be in the know of the recent developments or, may have asked for such distasteful campaign to be launched against the person of Julian Osula, but this was swiftly disabused by Mr. Gbenga who says he is not even aware that such was going on and could never have sent anyone to either represent him, nor do such on his behalf.

According to him, “I am not aware of any of such campaign against Mr. Julian Osula and I did not give anyone the authorization to do any of such on my behalf”.


Speaking on the issue, the former Deputy Force PRO, Mr. Iheanachor Ifeanyi Omuta says, “I am in disgust as to what our country is turning into, that an issue that was trashed two years ago, is being peddled to blackmail a man who has shown nothing other than humility and good friendship”. “My brother, I am happy you reached out to me and I would like to state here that I am completely disappointed in a few Nigerians who are hell bent on bringing our dear country to her knees”. “Imagine that as a senior Police Officer, I was given the assignment to look into this matter in 2017, I had the two gentle men in my office several times and they both settled this issue, shuck hands in my presence and that was it”. For some people to wake up in 2019 and they are bringing up this issue again, especially with a false ONE-SIDED approach to an incident they knew nothing about, THIS IS MOST UNCHARITABLE to say the least and I am completely worried for my country?. “How can someone resurrect something that’s already dead just to tarnish the image and reputation that took a man many years to build”?

Mr. Omuta further stated that he could guarantee that Mr. Gbenga Adekoya was not in the know of the new development and could also vouch that he knew nothing about the smear campaigns against the person of his friend, Julian Osula and couldn’t have authorized such.

Mr. Adekoya is too polished for this kind trash, Omuta says, and I can assure you that whoever is doing this, does so for his or her selfish reasons, so I ask that we throw this to the dustbin where it belonged, as it would hold no water because the two men involved are friends and have all buried the past.

On his part, the man at the eye of the storm, Julian Osula says;  “I would like to state, again, without mincing words, that I was not close to the scene of the altercation the day it happened, could not have supervised my security details when not with them, but took and still take full responsibility of their recklessness if there was anything like that at all,  when the matter was brought to my attention, even as the matter was ongoing, my wife took the pain to apologize (when there was no need to), I did same too, the Lagos State Command of the Nigerian Police Force mediated and I and Mr. Gbenga Adekoya settled the issue and moved on, which is why I am worried as to who the people doing this right now are and for what reason or reasons”?

“For those who know me, I take no profit in being proud and arrogant, especially when I know that all I am, have or will become are all from God, so, why would I, a mere mortal, dehumanize a fellow human being to score what goal exactly”?

“Who am I richer than? Who am I more successful than? I’m neither a Politician nor a Government contractor, but an Entrepreneur who is doing his business to put food on my table and that of those around me, so I am worried as to why anyone would ascribe the titles, “Mugabe of VGC” or “General Idi Amin of VGC” to my name for what purpose? I live in Victoria Garden City, VGC, anyone who cares to ask further questions about me can go to the VGC Management Office. I have nothing to hide and can never be part of anything that brings a fellow human-being to disrepute.

The misunderstanding between I and Gbenga Adekoya, which was not my making, happened two years ago, we settled and moved on, why then is the issue being brandished now? Let everyone with ear, hear this again, I and Gbenga Adekoya are good, we never fought, he only had a misunderstanding with my security details in my absence, which was settled in 2017, Osula ended.

It is now very clear that whoever is peddling such false stories against Julian Osula is out to either get unwarranted public sympathy or to pitch the two men against each other over an already dead altercation; we therefore ask the general public to ignore, forthwith, any of such stories in the future, as those behind this are either delusional or out to seek attention for whatever purpose.

Mr. Julian Osula’s car has a customized plate-number (BRABUS) and has been driving himself in the last 30 year or more, therefore could not have been at the back seat of his car supervising the supposed beating of Gbenga Adekoya as the false story stipulated.

According to what Mrs Oghogho Osula said, “Mr. Julian Osula is one of the kindest and most generous persons she knows. A God fearing man and a lover of the down trodden. He likes to live the good life, because he believes you only live once, which may not go down well with many. A gentleman to the core, so why would anyone want him down at all cost over an issue that’s already dead?

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