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Ayozie Kingsley’s "Essentials of Corporate Strategic Management and Ethics" Hits Book Stands.

Ayozie Kingsley Ndubueze.
Ayozie Kingsley Ndubueze has in this publication ‘Essentials of Corporate Strategic Management and Ethics’, simplified all the key topics embedded under Strategic Management, Risk Management, Governance and Ethics.

The author, Ayozie Kingsley stated that his latest effort, ‘Essentials of Corporate Strategic Management and Ethics’ is a global textbook with a Nigerian outlook as It addresses all the contemporary issues in the global business-world with clear cut examples and case studies from a Nigerian perspective.

According to him, “My quest for research and adding to body of knowledge propelled me to write. Secondly to comply with my Institute’s (ICAN) recent review on her syllabus. The book is easy to read and comprehend as practical examples and case studies were introduced to drive home the points. ICAN new Syllabus took effect from July and the book was published in July”.

Essentials of Corporate Strategic Management and Ethics is a must read text for all business owners/entrepreneurs and students sitting for professional examinations set by ICAN, CITN, ICSAN, NIM, (Chartered), ICAEW and ACCA UK among others and Lecturers and teachers of this course in all the nation’s tertiary institutions and beyond will find this material as a veritable tool to work with the author affirms.
The book.

Readers of this text at the end of it all are expected to think global but act national.

Ayozie Kingsley Ndubueze is a chartered accountant cum banker with vast consulting & lecturing experiences in the field of Investment Banking , Tax Consulting, Assurance & Audit services ,Ethics and Corporate Governance.

He is the founder & the Managing Partner of Kingsley Ayozie & Co., (Chartered Accountants) in a reputable firm based in Lagos. Kingsley is also a co-founder & a Director with Password Professional Tutors (PPT) Limited (foremost Accountancy & Financial Training Center) Akoka,
Lagos where he oversees both the Ethics and Audit & Assurance departments.

A scholar per excellence who has published extensively in the area of Governance, Ethics, and Audit & Assurance such as:  Descriptive Audit & Assurance Dictionary (DAAD) 2016.

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