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GYB Frontiers Berates Kogi Deputy Governor, Simon Achuba, Describes His Actions Against Gov., Bello As “The Last Kick Of A Dying Horse”.

Bello & Achuba.

A political group in Kogi State, GYB Frontier has berated the recent outburst of the Kogi state deputy Governor, Simon Achuba, describing it as the last kick of a dying horse.

In a statement signed by the Chairman and Secretary General of the group, Alhaji Hans Muhammed and Comrade Abdulateef Onusi, they both noted that the deputy Governor is only just being deceptive by ascribing his recent trecherous move to the non payment of workers salarries, saying that he should have done this before now, instead of waiting for bailout to be collected before jumping to the streets.

The group regretted that the deputy Governor who should know the truth about salary arrears, choose to orchestrate lies just to gain undue sympathy from the public, saying that it was a public knowledge that the deputy governor worked against the All Progressive Congress, (APC), in the state during the presidential, National Assembly and state House of Assembly in the state.

"Achuba they said, worked against the APC during the last general election. This is a common knowledge. What would have happened if his preferred party, (PDP), had won the election. This is hypocracy and if as deputy governor so loved the workers, he should have resigned before now. Why did he choose to wait until the bailout is collected before making noise.

"He was aware that the governor was expecting the bailout to be able to clear salary arrears including those owed by his predecessors. But instead of toeing the part of honour, he has chosen to feed the public with lies.

The group called on Achuba to toe the part of honour by resigning his position, wondering how a deputy governor who has not been going to the office in the last two years is still collecting his Salary saying all this rubbish, he must resign.

The group however called on Governor Yahaya Bello not to be distracted, but to keep delivering the good dividends of democracy to the people of the state,  maintaining that the recent payment of Salaries to workers have justified the position of the governor that once money is received, salaries would be paid to all categories of workers in the state, including those owed by his predecessors.

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