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Imo Governor, Ihedioha Sets Up “JUDICIAL COMMISSION OF INQUIRY ON LANDS AND RELATED MATTERS”, Charges Members To Do A Thorough Job On Land Issues In The State.

Imo Governor, Ihedioha.

The governor of Imo State, Emeka Ihedioha has instituted a judicial commission of enquiry on lands and related matters in a bid to rest the vexatious issues of alleged breach and irregularities in land administration in the state.

In exercising the powers conferred on him by section 3 of the Commission Of Inquiry (cap. 24), Laws of  Eastern Nigeria, 1963 and  all other powers enabling him, the Governor constituted the Commission of Inquiry on Lands and Related Matters comprising of the following members:

1.      Justice Florence Duruoha Igwe      - Chairman
2.      TPL (Dr) Emmanuel E. Nze            - Member
3.      Esv (Sir) Cajethan Ohiri                   - Member
4.      Surveyor Mezu C. Ozowara             - Member
5.      Barr. Nkiru Victoria Onwu                 - Member
6.      Sir Kelly Azike                                    - Member
7.      Mr. Isaac Oguzie                               - Member/Secretary

The Commission shall have full powers and authority to hold hearings which shall be conducted in a manner prescribed by the Commission of Inquiry law and with terms of Reference of the Commission which include:

*    Ascertain the extent of land compulsorily acquired or forcefully wrested from the owners.
*    Ascertain and determine whether such compulsory acquisitions as mentioned above were lawfully made or not.

*    Ascertain the extent of allocation and revocation of land in Imo State from June 2006 – May 2019 and determine the propriety of such allocations and revocations.

*    Ascertain and determine whether due process, diligence and strict adherence to the provisions of Land Use, 1978 and all other relevant laws on acquisition of land were followed.

*    Determine the extent of compliance with the relevant laws for the development of the New Owerri Capital Territory and adherence to the master plan of Owerri capital territory as authored by Fingerhurt and Parners.

*    Examine and ascertain whether Government land or part of it have been converted to private use and identify the persons responsible and make recommendations for recovery and appropriate sanctions.

*    To exercise all powers conferred on the Commission by Section 8 of the law and to do all other things incidental to the terms of reference herein

*    h.     To do all other things incidental to the terms of reference.

*    Make recommendations to the Government based on their findings.

The Commission is expected to render its report on the Inquiry to the Governor not later than 60 days, or such extended period allowed by the Governor.

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