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MARRIAGE WAHALA As A Newly Married Man Kills Self On Discovering His Wife Was Pregnant For Another Man.

Mr. & Mrs David Chawul on their wedding day.

His name is David Jiet Chawul, a graduate of New Generation University College, Ethiopia and he is from Juba, Republic of South Sudan. He killed himself on Monday evening, the 12th of August, two days after his wedding held on Saturday 10th, Aug, 2019 because his wife, was discovered to have been pregnant for another man.

Mr. David Jiet is from Agaar community of Rumbek, a biological brother of Gen. Saed Chawul the former Inspector General of Police, wedded Rebecca Ekuen from Yirol on Saturday in freedom Hall in Juba.

The family describes the incident as “unfortunate and untimely”, saying that “Nothing breaks their hearts more than having a world that no longer has David in it.

Suicide has never been and will never an option for anything and it’s a shame that people still engage in the killing of themselves for whatever reason or reason.


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