Mercy Eke.
Life is stupid, very unfair, says Mercy Eke, one of the finalists of the Big Brother Nigeria, 2019 edition as she narrates some of her ordeals in life, haven sent and seen herself through school, from scratch to finish.

According to Mercy, who was telling her story against her birthday which falls today to the duo of Elozonam, Daine and Ike, says that she has 5 other siblings, 4 brothers and 2 sisters, herself being the last born, had to go to school, sold corn on the roadside, sold fuel, washed at drycleaning shops, done all sorts of things just to make sure that she achieved education, first in the history of her family.

SHE SAYS: I am the only graduate in my family of 6 children. My brothers didn't even go to secondary schools, my only sister had to get married to help my family and her husband died, leaving her with 3 children. I went through hell to go to school, which is why when people say things like, "I AM SELF MADE", I get angry because they don't know what some of us had gone through.

Her fellow housemate, busted out crying as she remembered all she had also been through in life, with consoling words coming from Elo and Ike.

Mercy said that her biggest fear with Ike meeting her brothers is that they would not be able to communicate with him in English because they had no formal education and she had to say this because she knew that people outside the BBNaija house would have dug out things about her family and her deepest background.

Well, she has done well for herself now and glory to God she survived elimination a few days ago, coasting home to victory.