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Has Former Governor Akinwunmi Ambode Been Abandoned By The Huge Sycophants Who Flocked Around Him Like Bees?

Akinwunmi Ambode at the airport recently.

When I tell people, especially those who occupy one Government position or another, that POWER AND POSITIONS OF AUTHORITY ARE TRANSIENT, a few people called very mean names, but it’s true.

If you all look deep into the picture attached here, you will understand exactly what that statement means.

This is a man who had all he wanted as Governor, infact, I heard that as Governor, when he is in the compound exercising, DEM NO BORN YOU WELL AS A HUMAN BEING TO WALK INTO THE COMPOUND, but today, all that is gone.

Where are those who clustered around him as Governor, carrying and holding his properties?

Where are those sycophants who sang and danced his praises, even when they did not like him?

Where are those who almost would have helped him undress because he was governor?

Only if those occupying Political or Corporate positions understand that the only thing permanent is GOD, then they will stop misbehaving because of the transient positions they occupy.

NOW, look at him now, back to what he was before 4YEARS ago?


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