Yahaya Bello.

The forthcoming elections in both Kogi and Bayelsa States would be the biggest test for the power of incumbency especially that of KOGI State where everyone’s eyes are fixed to see exactly what the outcome of the November 16th election would be.

Truth here is, the Governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC in Kogi State, Alhaji Yahaya Bello is now, like a tree planted on major roads leading to either, the stream, market places, schools or hospitals where everyone must pass, whether they like the road or not.

Where I come from, a proverb says and I quote: ‘’IT IS ONLY A FRUITFUL TREE THAT CHILDREN GATHER UNDER AND THROWN STONES AT ITS FRUITS’’, meaning that one would never find stones, sticks or even children, who are either returning from Schools, streams or adults returning from markets or hospitals close to any tree that produces no fruits at all.

In recent times in Nigeria, Kogi State and the Governor, Yahaya Bello has come under immense attack from all corners, including those who do not know the story of the state nor the challenges she had had to grabble with, but had formed opinions from stories read on Social Media without taking time to read in between the lines for the real stories as they are, to the extent that most people do not even know that on the same day of the election in Kogi, Bayelsa would be conducting theirs for same position and this is worrisome for me to say the least.

In the Bible for instance and as recorded in Mark 11: 12, through to 21, our Lord Jesus Christ during his time on earth was passing through a particular road with his disciples, looked and saw a fig tree with green leaves, hoping that the tree had fruits, but on getting to the tree, he was totally disappointed to know that the tree didn’t produce any fruits, but deceivingly, had the best of leaves and in anger, Jesus cursed the fig tree to death.

On their return, His disciples discovered that the same fig tree had withered away and told Jesus about it.

Yahaya Bello has graciously risen to prominence in Nigeria today, by virtue of divine providence, as his name has been sang abroad, making him not the tree Jesus Christ saw and passed with a curse, but the one planted by the road side, that produces fruits in and out of season, and must at every point in time, have people gathering under to plug, throw stones and sticks at, fight under to eat the fruits from thereof or to even sleep under to make sure they are the first to pick fallen fruits from it.

Furthermore, as the election approaches fast in Kogi, I believe very strongly that some polling booths will be positioned on SOCIAL MEDIA where a few of those throwing stones and sticks on the FRUITFUL TREE will vote, because, if voting as it’s going to be are conducted on ground, a lot of people would be put to shame when they discover after the election that they had only wasted time and resources for the wrong ventures.

Give Yahaya Bello a chance, for he is neither a SAINT, like non of us are, nor the Messiah who would complete all the works in Kogi State, nor turn the state to Paris overnight, for KOGI is still work in progress, but he has done well, he is doing well and he will do well.

Governance is about individual contributions of those in power, where elected officials give their quotas and leave for others who will come after. If anyone had the magic fingers to fix our problems even as a country, once and for all, why then do we need to conduct elections after every four years?

Let this FRUITFUL TREE finish producing its fruits, when the harvest is done in another four years, then justifiably, another tree would be planted in either replacement or support.
My name is Precious Eze and I am the Publisher at ‘’Precious Eze’s Blog’’.

I support Yahaya Bello and Edward Onoja for another FOUR YEARS!



It is very myopic to assume after reading an opinion posted by people you don’t know that they have either been paid or bought over, bcos the share a totally different belief from yours.

Some of us are different, we’re no saints though, but money do not drive us, so, we can’t be bought and on this Yahaya Bello’s election, I was convinced long ago that Kogi State needs him back as Governor for another FOUR YEARS to finish his mandatory tenure and to bring to completion, all he started.