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CHILD NEGLECT: Tonto Dikeh In Trouble As Former Husband, Churchill Olakunle Threatens Court Action Against Her Over The Neglect Of Their Son.

Andre, Churchill, Tonto & Bobrisky.

The battle lines seem to have been drawn between businessman and philanthropist, Churchill Olakunle and his estranged wife, Nollywood female actor, Tonto Dikeh as the later has threatened to take her to court to seek custody of their son, over Tonto Dikeh’s neglect of the child.

Her going to Dubai for the One Africa Musical Concert and Teddy A/Bambam’s wedding was her undoing, as her over-drug use, misbehavior and incarceration are the issues that are putting her into this precarious situation as the Dubai Police has refused to release her, therefore, her coming to Nigeria is not going to happen for now because she has to report daily at the Dubai Police till her passport is given to her.

According to a report by Kemiashefonlovehaven, the major challenge now is the safety of their son, who had been abandoned since Tonto Dikeh has been on forced exile to Dubai, and no one knows if the 4 year old child is with her best friend, Bobrisky, whom “Precious Eze’s Blog” learnt has left Tonto Dikeh in Dubai to Nigeria.

The child, King Andre is said to be with a nanny whom his father, Churchill Olakunle cannot access since his mother has been in Dubai on forced exile.

Tonto Dikeh has since 2017 had custody of the child, with visiting responsibilities on the father, but being who she is, has prevented and tightened every means available for the father to have access to him and had also gone ahead to change the little boys names from King Andre Igo Oladunni Churchill to her maiden name, Dikeh.

Precious Eze’s Blog” learnt that Mr. Chuurchill Olakunle pays a monthly upkeep allowance of N200, 000. 00 for his son with school fees every quarter, and yet, permanently denied access to the same boy whose needs her carters for and as it is right now, Tonto Dikeh is stuck in Daubai with her son in the hands of either her nanny, or her best friend, Bobrisky, which is why her former husband and father of the child, Churchill Olakunle is heading to court to seek custody of the boy over neglect.

According to Kemiashefonlovehaven , “Churchill is going back to court over the custody of the child since his mother,Tonto is stuck in Dubai. He is angry that she has been taking money for the son’s upkeep and refused to comply with the court rules and orders. In fact, he has taken another step and decided to open a trust fund account for his son. This way, the money would be judiciously spent on the child,” source said.

This case will open old wounds and with what is happening to Tonto now in Dubai and her cases of drug use, one wonders if a court in Nigeria would allow for a 4 year old child to remain with a woman who not only drinks herself to stupor, but misbehaves in public and in far away foreign country.

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