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EXCLUSIVE: My Marriage To Gbenga Richards Is Over & God Forbid We Come Back Together Again -- Cries Out Nollywood Female Actor, Florence Richards.

Gbenga & Florence Richards.

Yesterday, the news was about Ken Erics with his wife, Blossom Chukwujekwu and his wife, today, it's about old actors, whose marriage, a few had always looked upto, crashing like a MOLUE bus that fell over the third mainland bridge into the lagoon.

Gbenga and Florence Richards had been married for well over 15 years, even as long as they had been in the Movie industry as couple actors, playing different roles, at different times and now, that ship has sank.

At a symposium organized yesterday by the "Nollywood Creative Minds Forum" in Lagos, Florence Richards spoke exclusively to "Precious Eze's Blog" on why she has been very scarce in the industry and what's been happening with her marriage to fellow actor, Gbenga Richards whom she claimed ABSCONDED from home since June and has never returned.

SHE SAYS: "I and Gbenga are over and over for good. Could you imagine that the man I called my husband left home with the disguise of going on location and since June, I don't know where he is living?

When this reporter prayed that God will bring him back home, Florence Richards was quick to add, "GOD FORBID THAT I AND GBENGA SHOULD COME BACK AGAIN", let him continue as I am done with this union.

You would recall that these two were an item, playing dangerous roles in different movies, even as husband and wife, and had a marriage one could describe as the envy of many who saw them as role model.

According to her, her moving to Mowe, the Ogun State area has affected her consistency in the industry and her visibility too.

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  1. Bankie01:32

    Please I am an old colleague of Aunty Florence
    I need her contact number


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