Angela Okorie.                                                                              
Now, I have taken my time to watch and read all the contents posted by Nollywood female actor and former Delta Soap brand ambassador, Angela Okorie, who came out to claim that assailants shot at her several times and none penetrated.

I also took a bit of time to reminisce over the fact that she claimed that not less than 12 BULLETS, I mean, not gunpowder, but REAL BULLETS were shot at her, and all she got were simply brushes and bruises, and wounds that look like PUNCHES from very angry people.

Truth is, if those who attacked Angela were assassins as she claimed, how did they miss gunning her down after 12 bullets were shot at her? It is either she had EXTRA POWERS (juju) or what she claimed happened to her didn’t happen, especially when her car was not Bullet Proof.

How possible is that a person would be shot at by assassins with over 12 Bullets sprayed at her, and in a few hours, she was on Instagram singing and raising up hands, when the shock from the incident alone could have landed her in the hospital for atleast, ONE WEEK?

I think I know exactly what may have happened to her this time around and here is my lead....!
‘’’’’A few months ago, I was in Abuja for something and the person I went to see asked that I come to Transcorp Hilton for breakfast. When I arrive the lobby of the hotel, walking toward the restaurant, the lift opened, a man walked out first, and I noticed someone was PEEPING OUT FROM THE LIFT, I looked closely and it was Angela Okorie, peeping left, and right, before stepping out of the lift’’’’’!

Now, whatever would make a grown adult peep before coming out of a lift is a serious something and you too can make your conclusions.

12 bullets passed through your head and face and all you got were only bruises, with no Bullet holes on your car or even a single bullet removed from your body, even if nah for finger?
Look guys, what is reigning in Nollywood today is JAZZ, as in OTUMOKPO, JUJU and every female actor is carrying her own, female, because the men are not too much into the juju thing and these ladies have graduated from patronizing Babalawos in Nigeria to going all the way to Cotonou, Ghana and other neighboring countries, all in their bid to get power for sleeping with men and holding them to ransom, financially.

But for what happened to Angela this time, luck really ran out on her, as she was attacked by the WIFE of .......................... and she had to cook up this story for gullible people like us, especially when she knows that the woman who did this to her will never come to the open to disclaim her.

I think what we, Nigerians should do now is to start asking these very flamboyant female actors where and how their wealth and extravagant lifestyles are come by and through which means, especially when they do not have FACTORIES or MINTING COMPANIES around, and they do not earn good salaries from acting.

Let’s start asking people like Tonto Dike, Angela Okorie, Mimi Orjiakor, Linda Osifo, Daniella Okeke, etc what they do to earn money aside acting, which does not pay much these days.

Truth is, Angela Okorie lied to us and I think we should all compel her to tell us exactly what happened to her.