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SKY ORCHESTRA MUSIC: Raising Generations Of "YOUNG STARS" Through Talent Discoveries In Music.

Olamide Bakare.
December 2019, would go down in history as one of the months in the outgoing year that capped and encapsulated all the activities of children in Lagos who were brought together in an atmosphere filled with raw and undiluted talents, showcasing and discovering them, as Sky Orchestra Music held, again, this years edition of the annual "YOUNG STARS CHRISTMAS CONCERT".

As the name implies, "YOUNG STARS CHRISTMAS CONCERT" is a platform set up by Sky Orchestra Music for the discovery, harnessing and showcasing of the talents of children who ordinarily would never be given opportunities to express themselves music-wise, but with platforms such as the concert, they came together, related with fellow talents, rubbed minds, competed amongst themselves, made friends and then, SHOWCASED their talents, to not only the organizers of the event, but to their parents, their peers and then, to the world. 
Children from diverse backgrounds, the Igbos, Yorubas, Hausas, and other tribes were brought together, to sing and play musical instruments, a platform one would think was a Mini-Nigeria, where YOUNG STARS related with themselves devoid of tribe or religion, as they showcased their mastery of music with most of their parents feeling very elated at what their wards are able to display at the very young age.
Speaking to "Precious Eze's Blog", the organizer of the "YOUNG STARS CHRISTMAS CONCERT" and CEO of Sky Orchestra Music, Akinnola Samson Olalekun said that the event is a platform created to showcase godly talented children who play different kinds of musical instruments, singing, dancing and I want to believe that the concert was worth the while of both our parents and guests like yourself.
According to him, "I got the vision to do this when I was in the University, I have passion for children and that love propels me to do what I do with them now, which is why my desire is to see them play musical instruments like professionals".

Life shouldn't be about raising Doctors or Lawyers, but raising music lawyers, music inclined doctors, children that will be able to play musical instruments irrespective of their careers.

This is the second edition of the project, it has been very successful so far and I am trusting God to have, bigger platforms that will enable us showcase further, all the talents embedded in these children.
Significantly Mr. Samson Akinnola says, The "YOUNG STARS CHRISTMAS CONCERT" is poised to help discover, harness and showcase the talents hidden in other children who would hear about what we do here and would wish to be part of the show, as we try to change our world through godly music with children.
Our major areas of concentration he continued, are musical instruments, like piano, drums, talking drums, guitar, violin, dance, voice and we have instructors who bring their expertise from different areas of music to help the children become better musicians.

I would like to state also that the concert is an all encompassing events, open to children from all backgrounds, tribe and religion, so long as your desire is to harness your music talent and that is what we do perfectly here.
The 2019 edition of the "Young-Stars Christmas Concert", held in Lagos, was a huge success, an event which is gradually capturing the hearts of children, and promises to accommodate more children to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ during the Easter celebrations.

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