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Former Nollywood Actor, Ernest Asuzu Suffers Stroke, Begs On Roadsides To Earn A Living In Lagos.

Ernest Asuzu.

How things really have fallen apart for a few Nollywood actors who hitherto were lavishly flamboyant and successful in their crafts and today, life is playing them big deals unimaginable.

One of these is Ernest Asuzu, top actor then who was the toast of women, especially female actors who are older and at one point, was in a very serious relationship with Obot Etuk, another former actor like himself.

Today, the very healthy and ambulant actor, Ernest Asuzu has reportedly become a road side beggar in Lagos after a long time battle with stroke, as he was spotted on Sunday, the 26th of January, 2020 around Surulere in Lagos, wearing a blue jeans pant, bathroom slippers at Shoprite begging for money to feed.

We pray help comes his way soonest so he could get help to live long.

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