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LADIES: Have You All Bought From The Abuja Pastor, Dr. JS Yusuf Who Recently Released "Miracle" Pants and Bras With His Face On Them, To Help Women Attract Husbands & Kill Diseases?

See Him.

Wonders they say shall not end and the wonders happening in the house of God these days keep scaring even the worst of sinners away, making it practically impossible for the rate of conversion to increase.

This is because people who are supposedly men of God are polarizing the preaching of the gospel with things we see or hear about in the world.

This brings to bare, the information that a senior Pastor with Touch for Recovery Outreach International, Abuja,  Dr. JS Yusuf has released a set of bras and pants bearing his face on them for female members of his church to help them attract men and generally have "good luck" with men.

The under and inner wears is said to be also able to prevent bad diseases while leading women to their husband and ofcourse all of this goodness does not come for free, it is sold in the church premises.

A man of God selling pants and bras with his face engraved on them to his female church members to woo and attract men and kill diseases too?


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