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SINACH, Ada Ehi Puts Christ Embassy’s Pastor Chris Oyakhilome On The World Map Through Gospel Music.

Pastor Chris, Sinach & Ada.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Believers Love World, also known as Christ Embassy is gradually writing his name on the sands of time as one of those who discovers and promotes talents amongst pastors in not only Nigeria, but in Africa as a whole with his discovered talents making him proud all over the world.

Talents like Frank Edwards, Joe Praise, Sinach, Ada, E-Ben, Samsong, Buchi, Jardel, Rozzy, Chokar, Yr-Frames, Martins P-K, Israel Strong, and many others are some of the few extremely very talented gospels artists who had shot to stardom through the tutelage of Pastor Chris who takes it upon himself to harness the potentials of young people around him.

In 2019, Africa’s number 1 gospel act, Sinach was named number 1 with her song, “WAY MAKER” having over a Hundred Million Views on YouTube and in early 2020, same song from the same artist is named Number 2 Song of The Decade, hitting over 136Million Views.

On the other hand, another of Pastor Chris’s daughters, Ada Ehi clinched number 20, amongst 20 songs x-rayed with her song, “ONLY YOU JESUS”.

With this record, our darling Sinach and Ada Ehi from Christ Embassy were the only Christ Artists amongst the 20 Top songs.

Remarkable is the fact that the only gospel songs on the Top 20 Charts were songs by Sinach and Ada, namely, “WAY MAKER”, “I KNOW WHO I AM” AND “ONLY YOU JESUS” with the three coming from two of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s children.

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