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Douye Diri & David Lyon.

Key members of the APC’s campaign council attended the inauguration ceremony of Douye Diri. All the House of Assembly members did too.

The Paramount ruler of Igbogene, Lyons Domain, offered the traditional prayers during the event. Our women and youth leaders were present. Even the artists we invited for our swearing in, found themselves in our opponents camp. That’s the ugly trajectory in politics, nay, Nigerian politics

I grinned in pains when I sited KEY leaders of campaign fronts that worked with us during the elections seated at the oval shaped hall. I cursed the day I started an affinity with politics

A day before, We all met with Lyon on Thursday morning at his Igbogene residence. We accompanied him to the parade ground for rehearsals same day. We held last briefing and doled out charges to all sub groups. Preparation for the swearing in the next day appeared to be over by 1pm.

We all, the extended campaign council, along with all invited dignitaries, were having a bounteous lunch when the Supreme Court rulings filtered. David Lyon hurriedly left the house. Within split seconds, his house became a desert. And so it remained till today.

David Lyon had summoned an emergency meeting of his campaign council yesterday afternoon. The time coincided with the time of the inauguration. Only four, out of sixty seven members were present.

None of the characters penciled down for cardinal appointment in the stillborn government came back to inquire, to brief, or to sympathize with the victim of the worst judicial blow in the present time. Deserted and isolated, my friend David, grutles with his innerself

The once APC Bayelsa turned PDP within hours. Nobody, was ready to miss the flight. Bayelsan politicians, like their counterparts in Imo state switched to the direction of their stomachs.

In Yenagoa, i cut the flu. I came to know that there is no clear symmetry in politics. Politicians are the same. The Epie politician shares the same DNA with his counterpart in Ebenese, Ideato South.

"Onye ji igu, ka ewu na eso" is a universal trite.

Napoleon said "God matches on the side of the stronger battalion"

I am yet to stray into the corners of a sincere politician. All are selfish, cheat and fake!!!

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