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COVID-19: CNN Anchor, Richard Quest, Tests Positive For Coronavirus, As Chris Cuomo Gradually Recovering.

Richard, Brooke and Chris.

Richard Quest, CNN International’s Editor At Large and host of Quest Means Business has came out to tell the world he tested positive for Coronavirus over the weekend.

He told viewers of CNN on Monday; “I am thankful and grateful that I don’t seem to have any of the horrific symptoms of the others,”  “I just have a nasty cough which, thankfully tonight because of our excellent technical staff, you haven’t heard me too much spluttering away.”

Richard Quest said that he will continue to work but will “take it easy if it all gets too much.

“I feel fine. I feel good,” said Quest, who hosts his show from New York. “And there are important things that you and I need to talk about overnight such as negative oil and the way the markets are going down and what still needs to be done.”

On his Twitter handle, Quest wrote, “I have caught coronavirus. I am blessed in that I have few symptoms — just a cough. I am saving my prayers and thoughts for those less fortunate. Stay in. And protect lives.”

Another CNN anchor, Chris Cuomo who tested positive to the virus said he is better now, and has recovered but recuperating. Cuomo showcased his recovery when he took turns to stay close to his wife and children, even as he works from home.

Brooke Baldwin, also have tested positive for the coronavirus and unlike Cuomo who has continued to anchor Cuomo Prime Time, Baldwin, a daytime anchor, has taken time out to recover.

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