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Rev. W.F Kumiyi.

I got very angry immediately I saw this story and wondered why exactly Rev. W.F Kumuyi would donate a whooping sum of FIFTY MILLION NAIRA to the Federal Government for Covid-19.

I live around the Headquarters of Deeper Life Church, and have plenty of their members as my friends, family and acquaintances.

Haba, Deeper Life Church to me, has the highest number of poor members amongst all the churches I know, they live poor lives, eat poorly, appear very down trodden and instead of helping members of his own church, their GO decided to give to the federal government to do what?

If you live, lived or pass through where their HeadQuarters is located, and see the members on sundays coming out from the church, you will pity them.

The CAR PARK of Deeper Life Church in Gbagada is far more beautiful than the human beings who worship God, I mean the God who created the Heavens and the earth, with everything therein.

A church where all you see being sold around them during and after their Sunday services are, ZOBO, KUNU, PUFF-PUFF, BURNS, SWEETS, PURE WATER, GALA, etc, because the people who sell FRIED RICE, BARBECUE CHICKEN, FISH, ASUN, JOLLOF RICE, ALL SORTS OF DRINKS, SHARWAMA around know their members cannot buy or afford to pay for them and would rather move to the nearby Harvesters Church.

This is not to berate them, but I live here, I see them, I relate with them, and know the burden of poverty the church is carrying and they are giving 50Million Naira to the Federal Government?
Reverend W.F Kumuyi is a good man and one of the very respected men of God we have around, but his style of raising children of God who are poor, is what I do not understand. This is not to say there are no rich members in the church (if not, how were they able to build the kind of structure they have in Gbagada) but it baffles me how they still live the way they do.

Their mentality about being rich, wealth, giving and receiving is about the weirdest in modern Christianity but, this 50Million Naira Donation to the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT got me thinking very hard.

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