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Kelly Hansom's Baby Drags Him For Being A Dead Beat Dad, See His Brutal Reply!!.

Kelly Hansome is the celebrity trending for today. His babymama had dragged him yesterday on Instagram, saying he has been a dead beat father to their daughter and she can't be totally surprised.

According to her -- Ronke Moradeyo, she accommodated Kelly, helped his career while they were
dating, but all Kelly allegedly did was to make her enemies with her family and those important to her and then dumped her. She went on to thank God because Kelly felt he ruined her, but God got her!.

Responding to her allegations , Kelly shared a DM Ronke had with his new girl, saying she even threatened him in the alleged messages.

According to the DM, which has now been made public, Ronke allegedly insulted Kelly's new girl, telling her, her eyes would soon clear, while saying Kelly's career is dead.

Kelly is now saying he doesn't care about any gender, and said ''fcuking with me, is fcuking with we''.

Toor! The DMS, and Ronke's first call out all below..

Below Is Ronke's first call out;

''I woke up today looking at my beautiful daughter n I’m so grateful to God 🙏🏻 although it’s sad that d man she calls DAD isn’t her real father n I laugh at how I’ve wasted opportunities n years with a good for nothing man... I thought it was love but I was being played! I supported and encouraged him, accommodated him also even when I was warned by family n friends that he made me turn to enemies because he didn’t want me to see d light. LADIES BE CAREFUL OF THE MEN YOU SUPPORT.... I supported his career at d detriment of my relationship with family n friends n people who genuinely cared about me! I was constantly called a whore cos I helped him out with things he thought was impossible.. he always assumed I slept with people to get d things I have n to get to where I am today.. I’m sincerely grateful to God that he didn’t allow me leave my back on d ground. I got up, dusted myself, started communicating with important people I had ignored over d years, putting things together n setting things up to d level I want to be n God is making all that possible.... Thinking to myself, I should have achieved all of this a long time ago but love they say is blind, only if you let it blind your visions. No regrets whatsoever, God gat me n I’ll come back here in no time to drop a long list of my achievements but till then I’ll sit n sip my wine n laugh at how someone thinks he ruined me 😂
As for my daughter, in due time I’ll show her what a REAL DAD is as Shes gradually erase d memories of a dead beat father she has in her head.. I’ll teach her to love her real father as she grows. LADIES AGAIN I SAY, BE CAREFUL OF D MEN YOU LET IN YOUR LIVES N D MEN YOU SUPPORT! Some are demons in disguise, Some stick around to drain you in all ramifications, mentally, physically, financially n spiritually.. Always seek d face of God before embarking on certain journeys. I don’t wanna go into details but time will tell
#thankyouLord #mydaughtermypride #iloveus''

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