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Nollywood’s Veteran Female Actor, Barbarah Odoh Showcases Another Side Of Her With The Launch Of Her New Musical, “WHO I AM”.

Barbarah Obi-Odoh.

Am certain a lot of us would have been asking questions like, “WHERE HAS SHE BEEN”, “WHY IS SHE LOOKING THIS YOUNG AFTER ALL THESE YEARS”, “WHAT HAS SHE BEEN DOING”, etc and yes, Barbarah Odoh has been fine and doing well.

“Barbarah Odoh”, the NOLLYWOOD baad girl, who featured in the movie Glamour Girls has been very active in other areas of her endevour, especially when it concerns women and a lot of advocacy, but productively very active too in politics, haven come out and participated in the last election but today, she is showcasing another of her talent we never knew existed, which is music.

According to Barbara, “Indeed You Never Know The End Of An Ocean” as she unveils yet another side of her; with the launch of "WHO AM I"...written out of deep encounter and reminiscence about finding meaning and essence; soul lifting.

SHE SAYS: The access token to these songs was reconsidered and withdrawn, as encouragement, especially in this times of covid-19; KEEP WELL and SAFE; above all,  stay with HIM.

Listen and Download The Full Album here: 

To listen to the album and download the lyrics, click here:

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