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Quarantine That Went To Havard!! Check Out How The Ultra-Rich Are Doing COVID-19 Lock Down.

Not all quarantines are created equal. While key workers are unable to self-isolate – putting themselves at risk to provide essential services, lots of us are working from home and then there are the one percenters, who are able to live by different rules altogether.

Many have chosen to follow government advice and stay at home, but it's just that their homes tend to be mansions kitted out with all the amenities others might be tempted to leave the house for.

While many just have showers at their shared homes,  J. Lo was being served poolside drinks and OG sadboy Drake was home alone, with nothing but the automated shooting machine on his private basketball court to keep him company.

Meanwhile, some of those who were on holiday as lockdowns hit chose to simply stay put. Luxury resorts in Mexico, the West Indies and the Bahamas are reporting that wealthy guests have extended their stays indefinitely, choosing to WFHotel and stomach the cost of upwards of £812 a night, rather than facing crowded airports and the prospect of quarantining at home.

Thailand's monarch Maha Vajiralongkorn took it one step further, reportedly renting out an entire resort in the German Alps, complete with a pool, spa and golf course for himself and his 20-woman harem, while the rest of the region's hotels were ordered shut.

Of course, you don't need a crown to buy out a hotel: one travel company, which specialises in exclusive resort rentals, has seen an upsurge in requests from individuals looking for a safe place to escape to once the peak isolation period is over and they're able to leave their homes.

"We have a client who asked for a private chateau in France for his birthday party with close friends," explains Rent-a-Resort's head of marketing, Daniel Rudolf. "Another just wants to enjoy their time in one of our villas near Malaga, which will be exclusively available for them while the outside world is talking about how corona destroys the world."

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