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Couple With 27Years Age Gap Reported To The Police By Complainant Who Thought The Wife Was A kidnapped Teenager.

The couple with 27 year old age difference were reported to the police as people think the wife was a kid forced to get married against her will due to her young face.

They are used to people’s stares and comments. But the couple, from Baltimore, didn’t expect the police to get involved.

Tory, 22, was left in hysterics when a colleague of truck driver Eddie, 49, called the police after seeing the couple together.

The person had thought Eddie had kidnapped a teenager and reported it to police.

Homemaker Tori had to explain that she is married to Eddie and just appears younger than she is.

While she found the situation funny, Tori has said in the past she’s faced other criticisms and has been accused of using Eddie as a sugar daddy.

But the husband and wife, who met in November 2017 at a karaoke bar, insist their age gap romance is ‘no different to any other.’

‘I often join Eddie whilst he’s at work because it gets me out of the house, and we love hanging out – even if it is driving around for the day,’ Tori explained.

‘But a few weeks ago, we were at the facility waiting for the truck to get loaded, and I went to use the bathroom, which is when someone must have spotted me and assumed I was just 13.

‘As we went to pull off, two police cars pull up and asked Eddie to step out of the truck – we were so confused.

‘The cop asked me “what is your relation to that man?”, and I explained he is my husband and asked what was going on, which left us in hysterics.

‘I couldn’t believe someone thought my husband had abducted a teenager – I showed my ID to prove my age and the police officers started laughing too.’

Tori says she is unfazed by all the stares and comments.

She added: ‘It is difficult for others to understand that a younger person can be in love with an older man, but I have never connected with someone so well in my life.

‘We are soulmates and we know it, so people’s assumptions don’t faze us. I have cut some people off due to them not being open about me dating him.

‘Many assumed he is my sugar daddy, which is absolutely wrong and insulting.’

The love-struck couple met in a karaoke bar and were initially attracted to each other’s looks, as well as sharing a love for singing and travelling.

They tied the knot on November 24 in 2019 and plan on having children in the future.

Tori added: ‘We are just like any other couple; we love going out, exploring new places and curling up to watch movies.

‘When Eddie proposed to me it was the best day of my life – we can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together.

‘We have spoken about children but we aren’t ready yet – we still have a lot of traveling to do.’

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