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COVID-19: Yahaya Bello Of Kogi State Vindicated Again As Dokpesi Jnr Accuses NCDC of Withholding His Supposed Test Result That Declared Him Positive To Coronavirus.

Yahaya Bello, Ihekweazu & Dokpesi Jnr.

The Chairman of DAAR Communications Plc, Raymond Dokpesi Jnr, has recovered from COVID-19 almost three weeks after he was declared positive for coronavirus by the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control, NCDC and has been discharged, but not with a lot of issues and concerns raised over how he became positive without seeing evidence showing proof of that.

Dokpesi Jnr expressed disappointment that he was not given any documentary evidence of his status, and that he had to take it in good faith that he was COVID-19 positive as pronounced by the NCDC.

Furthermore, he says “Whilst I can attest to my improvement in physical health and wellbeing, I regret to say that since my initial test to date, I have never seen any documentary evidence of any test result,” but “I take it in trust and good faith that the NCDC pronounced me COVID-19 positive and that they have now also pronounced me COVID-negative.

I will appreciate it if the documentary records of the various tests on me and members of my family are made available for our medical records and “Unless a spotlight is beamed on our testing facilities, capacity and documentation there is an immediate risk that patients will lose confidence in the statements of public healthcare providers, but more significantly, we will fail to move the needle forward in the battle against COVID-19 itself.”

Now, rewind back to when officials of the NCDC visited Kogi State and their encounter with the amiable Governor of the state, Yahaya Bello who insisted that they, THE MESSENGERS OF THE gods, must first, eat from the food they brought from the gods for mortals, before giving it to the people and they all took to their heels.

Today, the testimony Raymond Dokpesi Jnr has simply justified Yahaya Bello over his decision to be very cautious in the way and manner he handled issues surrounding Covid-19 in Kogi, as it is wise to protect his state and citizens of the state from external intrusion, rather than being sorry later.

I, Precious Eze would hope that those of you who have sworn never to see anything good in either Yahaya Bello, his actions or those around him should start having a rethink, because, he is Governor of Kogi State for a little over “THREE YEARS” more, so, you have a long way to go hating on him.

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