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Heartbreaking!!! COVID-19 Wipes Out An Entire Family, Father, Mother & SON Within 20 Days!!.

A triple tragedy has claimed the lives of a son, mom, and dad from coronavirus just 16 days apart - leaving behind a daughter who beat the killer bug.

Mario Mayorga Jr, 42, developed a fever and dry cough in mid-March and was told by a doctor to self-isolate at home.

His health rapidly deteriorated, however, and he was hospitalized with symptoms so severe he needed bypass surgery and a ventilator, the New York Post reported.

After testing positive for coronavirus in hospital his family, who all lived in the same home, were tested.

Mom Esperanza 72, dad Mario (also 72) and sister Violeta (45) all initially returned a negative result but were retested and told they had the virus a week after Mario Jr's diagnosis.

His parents - who were due to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary - and sister were also hospitalized because of their symptoms.

Dad Mario died first on April 10 followed by his wife Esperanza just nine days later. Their son Mario Jr. died Sunday, leaving sister Violeta devastated.

The single mom, who is now unemployed, is recovering at the family's Miami home quarantined from her eight-year-old son, Local10 reported, after losing three of her family members in the space of just 20 days.

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