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A MUST READ: Senator Chris Anyanwu's Media Empire Crumbling As She Orders The Arrest Of HOT-FM Staff In Owerri Who Protested Their Non-Payment Of Many Months Of Salaries.

Senator Chris Anyanwu.
Media mogul and two-term Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Senator Chris Anyanwu seem to have either given up on running her Radio station, Hot FM Abuja and Owerri, or, the business is no longer as good as she had envisaged, as the branch of the station in Imo State is gradually going down with the non-functionality of those put in charge to run the place in her stead.

Senator Chris. whom words around say is amongst Nigerians trapped in the US by virtue of the Coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown witnessed across the world, had ordered the arrest and incarceration of some of her staff in Owerri, the Imo State capital who had protested their non-payment of many months of salaries by the station.

Infact, "Precious Eze's Blog" learnt on good authority that some of them are moving to other stations in droves, especially to the new ones that are springing up and this is not good for business.

Chris Anyanwu is one of the greatest media machines from the East of the Niger, a woman who had been imprisoned by being a journalist, an award winning one for that matter and was recently listed amongst Top 25 Most Powerful Women in Nigerian Media.

One wonders why a station like Hot FM which is the most listened to Radio Station in Imo State, with more than half of the advertising budget from Lagos going to them, cannot pay salaries of staff?

It can only mean one-thing, MISMANAGEMENT and this is the area the distinguished Senator have to look into very seriously on her return as we appeal for her to release those whose arrest she ordered (that is, if they have not been released yet) and pay the outstanding salaries of her staff.

The reputation of a proprietor who owe staff salaries is not a good one to have in this Industry.

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