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At What Point Did Nollywood Actor, Uche Jombo Remove "RODRIQUEZ" From Her Name?

Uche Jombo with Kenney Rodriquez.
Has anyone noticed that actor and film maker, Uche Jombo has gradually eased out her adopted name by marriage, "RODRIQUEZ" from all her recent correspondences?

with their baby.
When the news of the break of Uche Jombo's marriage came out, a few people I know told us they saw it coming for reasons best known to them, but I in particular has mixed feelings about the news and how it was broken, coupled with the denials and counter-denials, worse being that till today, no-one is sure if she is still married to Mr. Kenney Rodriquez.

Worthy of note is the fact that they no longer appear at events together as they used to and for majority of her followers, she has tactically removed "RODRIQUEZ" from her name attachment, which used to appear in the format of Uche Jombo-Rodriquez, to now the old Uche Jombo for reasons only she and her supposed baby-daddy know.

The report of their union break-up came after Mr. Kenney Rodriquez was said to have cheated on Uche with a 22 year girl in America, meaning indirectly that the man may actually have a thing for younger girls, but was either overwhelmed or carried away with what he saw and decided to take her from the singles market, then the story of the break-up.

Whichever way, Uche I can assure anyone, is not like any other female actor out there, for she has character and can always represent her own any day, so, with or without the attachment, Uche Jombo is the bomb, but she needs to speak-out on this particular issue.

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