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A MUST READ: Patriotic Nigerian, Dr. Dein Braide Narrates His Encounter With An Uber Driver Who Bashed His Car & How He Showed Him Mercy.

Dr. Braide and his car.

His name is Doctor Dein Braide and he here narrates his very humane encounter that showed to the world that Nigerians are Angels in human form when they want to.


So yesterday, I had a humbling experience. Trying to cautiously enter Admiralty Road after sending some items at GIGL. I was unaware a car was driving one-way. The next thing I know, it rips off part of my bumper. The Uber driver who was about to pay for his stupidity. I wasn't going to let him go.

The usual thing happens - people gather and start assessing a situation that isn't any of their business. The driver keeps me waiting for about an hour, by then, my wife is at the scene to pick me up and my mechanic on his way to make his assessments and give the erring party their bill. 

He comes and says it will cost 105k to replace all parts We decide, his car stays in my custody till he gets the money. He drives to my estate and parks the car. I take pics to avoid unnecessary claims and then I see tears. My wife hears him

Tell someone in a call how he only managed to make N2600 the whole day. She walks up to him and give him 2k for transportation. On our way up to the apartment, she tells me to give him back his car. I agree, call him back and as I give him back his key, I see the shock and Confusion on his face. He burst into tears and tries to dorbale (i didn't allow him do that). Before I know it, I tear up. Giving him all the money I had in my bag. He couldn't drive for about 10mins after going into his car.

I remembered the times I was help. Times I was given a pass. Times I didn't have. Times people had mercy. I pray life get better for everyone of us. Sometimes, having mercy makes no logical sense but let's listen to humanity's appeal.


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