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SEXUAL HARASSMENT IN NOLLYWOOD: Lady Accuses Prominent Movie Producer, Victor Okpala Of Sexually Harassing Her In What She Tagged, "STOP TAKING ADVANTAGE OF GIRLS".

Victor Okpala.
Victor Okpala, aka, Super Star D is a producer and director of repute, but his reputation is being questions as a few ladies are coming out to accuse him of sexually harassing them when they came for his assistance as a producer/director.

One of the the harassed girls, Oshevire Divine took to her Instagram page to narrate her ordeal in the hands of Mr. Victor Okpala.

She tagged her post, "Victor Okpala, This Needs To Stop Too", STOP TAKING ADVANTAGE OF GIRLS and wrote further, "I was going to keep quiet about this, but why should I? This isn't a normal thing and shouldn't be considered as a normal act at all. This is a chat between me and a Nollywood movie producer and director. I have to voice out out on this matter..thus is wrecking the image of Nollywood. Check my last slide to see...The monologue challenge I wanted to participate in, he asked me to subscribe to his channel, watch one of his movies, then send a proof. So, I did according to the guideline he posted, and sent the proof...he replied, he literally told me that talent is not enough and indirectly said that I would have to sacrifice my body for me to make it into Nollywood. I don't know how many other girls he must have deceived like this, but this isn't fair and we shouldn't keep quiet about this. This happened yesterday and it needs to stop".

Oshevire Divine.
Another lady reached out to Timini Egbusan , the younger brother of Nollwood actor, Dakore Egbusan-Akande and narrated to him, how Mr. Victor Okpala also sexually harassed her under the disguise of helping her get into Nollywood.

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