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Teacher Goes To School With Her Wedding Dress To Surprise Her Class Pupils Before Getting Married.

A teacher turned up to class wearing her wedding dress for adorable photos with her students before getting married. Kindergarten teacher, Kelsey Moeller, 30, made the surprise appearance at school to give her class the chance to see her wearing all-white before anyone else, including her soon-to-be husband.

 Passionate elementary school teacher, Kelsey, from El Dorado, Arkansas, spent more than an hour getting ready for a dress rehearsal of her wedding day with her bashful class.

Adorable photos show the moment the students clapped eyes on Kelsey, who pulled the stunt to ensure that although they wouldn’t be at the wedding, the students could be part of her big day.

 Kelsey, who got married to John, 28 on May 30, said: ‘The kids got to see me in my dress before anyone else, including John or my dad. I have a very strong bond with my class and I absolutely love going to school.

‘The look on their faces when they saw me was just so cute. The photos from in class are some of my favorite from the whole wedding.

‘The kids did not know I was going to do that, I just asked their parents to send them to school in nice clothes because we were going to do some special photos. It was a really special moment and we had such a good time.

‘I didn’t actually tell John I was going to do that, I didn’t know how he would react, but I told him afterwards and he loved the idea.’ Kelsey and her husband John, a salesman, started dating in March 2018 after being set up with one and other through friends. Kelsey admits that for her it was ‘love at first sight’ and the couple hit it off straight away.

15 months later, in July 2019, Kelsey said yes when John asked for her hand in marriage and almost right away they started planning for their 2020 wedding day. The ceremony and reception took place on May 30 at an idyllic cattle ranch which was transformed into a luxury wedding venue for the couple and their 200 guests.

Thankfully, despite the coronavirus outbreak, the Moellers were able to tie the knot with social distancing measures in place in line with the Arkansas state guidelines. But before walking down the aisle to marry the love of her life, Kelsey made secret arrangements to strut into school for her first ever public appearance in her wedding dress.

Kelsey, who teaches at the Hugh Goodwin Elementary School, added: ‘I’ve been a teacher for seven years and I love my job. I FaceTime and text the kids in my class all the time and we get on so well. ‘When I set down with my wedding photographer to talk about photos it was actually her idea to do some pictures in school with the students.

The job means so much to me so I wanted to do it. ‘I love teaching the children life skills and I still find it crazy how soon they all grow up. ‘When the kids saw me some of them didn’t know where to look and were all embarrassed, it was real cute.’ Kelsey’s pre-wedding photo shoot with her class luckily took place in March, one week before social distancing measures were introduced in Arkansas. The state was placed into a coronavirus lockdown at the end of March, which has since been eased by officials.

The easing of restrictions, last month, meant Kelsey and John were able to hold their wedding as planned albeit with social distancing measures in place and a greater emphasis on personal hygiene. A stunning ceremony on May 30 at a converted cattle ranch barn was followed by an evening party complete with a taco bar and entertainment.

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