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MALARIA PANDEMIC IN AFRICA: Why Governments Should Join “NED NWOKO” In The Fight To Eradicate The Disease By Sen Rich Kay.

Prince Ned Nwoko.

Haven established the fact that there are close to half a million people who were killed by malaria in 2018 alone according to the World Health Organization, WHO report, it is quite important to note that the speed of the spread of malaria is quite unimpressive at the moment.

Families are not at rest anymore, with the rate of the death of children rising to 3000 daily in Africa, the high risk to pregnant women with people losing their bearings because of this deadly disease which appears like Government is totally disregarding with a wave of hand as something not important.

This is why some of us wonder if the government really know or understand the condition of families who had been attacked by the killer disease and using my personal encounter as a yardstick, I would tell the story of how I have recently been battling with malaria that had affected three (3) members of my household and this had left us almost in a serious sorry state.. I became more moved upon my knowing that a friend by name, Ambrose is now hospitalized over the malaria pandemic and this is completely ravaging.

I supposed these should form the base for reason or reasons why governments across Africa should with all seriousness and with immediate effect, support the Great Humanitarian Moves of a great Nigerian businessman and former legislature, Hon. Dr. Ned Nwoko to Eradicate Malaria in Africa.

It is on record that many homes in Africa are suffering as the number of Malaria confirmed Cases exceeds other cases of health concerns in the continent today and yes, the Anioma, Delta State born Ned Nwoko has shown even more concern than Governments across Africa and is touched by the pains and suffering of people affected by Malaria and has therefore moved to ensure that the disease is Eradicated totally in Africa, making him the first Nigerian to visit the White desert, South Pole Antarctica, to meet scientists for the production of Malaria vaccine that will put an end to it.

He has also given a whopping grant of over $750,000 to five different Universities across Africa to enable and support their research in finding a Vaccine fit for the fight against Malaria in the continent.

Ned Nwoko has therefore printed his name on the map of the continent as the single individual with the passion and zeal geared towards the eradication of Malaria in Africa.

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