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PRINCE EZE MADUMERE AT 56: Opens Up On His Life Experiences, Ideals For A Better Nigeria.

Prince Eze Madumere.

The former Deputy Governor of Imo State, Prince Eze Madumere will on Saturday, July 4, 2020 turn 56.

Prince Madumere who made the statement while interacting with some newsmen in Owerri said he will mark the day on a low key, following the present perilous situation occasioned by Covid – 19.

He however hinted that family members will mark the day with prayers and quiet visits to Special homes. He also encouraged friends, political associates and well-wishers to use the occasion to reach out to the less privileged.

The former Deputy Governor has a lot to thank God for. “It was shortly after my birthday in 2018 that the impeachment plot against me came to the open. It was more like, let’s spoil it for him. To the glory of God, I survived that wickedness.

“History is a great teacher. We must remember and relay our experiences whether good or bad for others to learn, including generations to come. It was power play at work. We must learn not to trade with people’s wishes, their future and welfare for mere occupation of office and power to oppress and traduce them”

Following Madumere’s experience as party chieftain, Chief of Staff and later a Deputy Governor and all that he went through, he revealed some of his wishes as they border on Nigeria’s holistic structure in the area of politics, economy and the people.

“It is my wish that we begin to tell ourselves the truth that what we have in our establishment is nothing but a theatre of war for power. This is the reason no political party can focus on insisting that its ideals, programmes and policies are carried out. What we have, instead, is an organization, which its vision, ideals and philosophy is subsumed to the whims and caprices of whosoever is in control of the party. This should not be so.

“At the level of the State, we must create defined roles for deputy governors if we are serious. We need devolution of powers rather than concentration of powers in one office. This has given room for instability, perennial disquiet, lack of trust and infighting.

“Some strategic Offices should not ever draw its powers from the Governor as an appointee but from the people who gave him mandate. This should apply in economy related offices. I am talking from experience.”

Meanwhile, Prince Madumere says the best way to ensure that those ideals and political philosophies are enshrined in Nigeria’s legal document is by not staying away from politics.

He assured that he is still in politics and that it is too early in the day to talk about quitting. “For me, I shall continue to work with like minds with similar beliefs and philosophy. That we are quiet does not mean we are not out of the ring. We prefer to work quietly. In so far as what you are doing will benefit your people, then go ahead’, he stated.

He also relayed some of his achievements while in Office, saying they are long lasting and to the benefit of the generality of Imo people.

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