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RAPE ALLEGATION: Does Dbanj Reaching "OUT OF COURT SETTLEMENT" With His Accuser, Seyitan Mean He Had No Case In The First Instance?

Seyitan & Dbanj.
A human right activists group Stand, “To End Rape” (STER) has this afternoon, released an update on the rape case between Seyitan and Nigerian pop star, Daniel Oyebanjo, popularly known as Dbanj and in the statement release, STER stated that D’banj and Seyitan who accused him of rape met at a location determined by Mr. Segun Awosanya (Segalink) where they reached an out-of-court settlement on the 13th of July, 2020.

Now, with this development, one wonders why the case was instituted against Seyitan in the first place, if truly her allegations against Dbanj were false.
How does anyone accused of such a crime as rape in this present world agree to an OUT OF COURT SETTLEMENT with his accusation if there weren’t fishy circumstances and issues the public are not being told.

Anyways, they have settled, hopefully, this ends this phase, but the quest is, WHY WOULD DBANJ AGREE NOT TO PURSUE THE CASE ANY FURTHER?

This is RAPE we are talking about here.

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