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Ned Nwoko.

The enemy within is one who acts like a rat, biting and fanning so you don’t feel the pain on time, a character attributable to brothers, family members and friends who know us from way back or very close to our hearts.

Prince Ned Nwoko is a man whose worst nightmare had been enemies who are within his close circle, vilifying and blackmailing him, with lies and false stories being told about him, to either buy public sympathy against him or to paint him in a certain manner.  

In a social media post recently, titled “UNFORGIVABLE” by Azuka Jebose, a kinsman of Ned Nwoko, had ranted in staccato lines “Pa Martins Nwoko Dies @ 92. Had Outstanding Arrest warrants for Murder and Terrorism. His step son, Billionaire Ned Nwoko allegedly initiated the arrest warrants” 

When the attention of Ned Media Directorate was drawn to the frivolous falsehood, the immediate reaction was to ignore, given the hollowness of the hogwash, but a rebuttal has become imperative not to dignify but dismiss the idiocy of a mischief monger before the perceptive public.

The story of Ned Nwoko and Pa Martins Nwoko is an enchanting narrative of mutual love, the best example of family relationship. Ned grew under the tutelage of Martins, the elder brother of his mother, so, he is a nephew, not a step- son as claimed and the Martins was his uncle.

Growing from being a boy, to the bloom of adulthood, Ned enjoyed chummy liaison with his doting uncle who cared for him even up till his secondary school years and today, there are happy reminisces of both of them to share, which Ned on his part is very thankful for and as a nephew with a humble heart, provided succour to his Mum’s brother, honouring him till old age.

Pa Martins in his life time did not lack the basic provisions of all his necessities since 1999 when Ned Nwoko returned from England after his law education and phenomenal career abroad, made sure his uncle lived well to the extent that when Pa Martins needed means of easy movement, Ned bought him a brand new Mercedes Benz, attended to his health needs and well fare with unfailing constancy till it became common knowledge in Idumuje Ugboko Lingdom that Pa Martins regarded Ned as his best and beloved nephew till the end.

This is why it is a shock that anyone would, in their bid to distort the truth, write trash to favour their very insensitive hearts, with the most bizarre  being the fabrication  that linked the amiable Prince Ned Nwoko with  non-existent prosecution of his good uncle. 

One Azuka Jebose wrote: “On July 17th, 2017, Ned Nwoko got the Edo State Deputy Commissioner of Police, DCP ABDUKADIRI JIMOH, FSI, from the D DEPARTMENT (ZCHD), ZONE 5 HEADQUARTERS, BENIN CITY to invite his step dad, Pa Nwoko to its station for an interview after arrest warrants had been issued on MURDER AND TERRORISM CHARGES to his then 90-year-old father” this is nothing more than dubious and false! 

PRINCE MARTINS NWOKO WAS NEVER CHARGED BY NED NWOKO FOR ANY OFFENSE and the truth is that he testified in favour of Prince Ned Nwoko over the Idumuje-Ugboko land dispute when he was asked to speak in the presence of other family members at the office of the then Assistant Inspector General, AIG of police zone 5, Benin city.

The authenticity of this claim is verifiable as the former AIG is alive and now the inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu.

Pa Martins had told all parties to the feud that the then Obi of Idumuje-Ugboko kingdom, HRM Albert Nwoko 11 actually approved a large expanse of land to Ned for the building of a University and International Golf Course. He supported the university wholeheartedly.  

FURTHERMORE and contrary to the lies being peddled, it was the daughter of the late Prince Martins Nwoko, Uchenna that framed charges against her old father, in an abominable conspiracy with controversial claimant to Idumuje ugboko throne, Prince Nonso Nwoko among others, all in their desperate blackmail against Ned.

On record, the late Prince Martins was never involved in the crisis in Idumuje-Ugboko. As the Diokpa, he stayed out of the malaise, but it was Nonso and Uchenna who dragged him to the settlement meeting in Benin, an action we sure they regretted as the only time he spoke he was true to his sincere character by telling the packed hall chaired by the then AIG that the late Obi gave approval for the STARS University land. 

Prince Martins Nwoko was a decent, honest and non-violent fellow in perpetual peace with his nephew Ned Nwoko until the old man joined his ancestors recently, as they had a robust relationship, with his remaining a huge loss to Ned and his immediate family.

Time we believe is running out to the inescapable judgment against the “unforgivable” LIES against a man who has done nothing to them, other than do good to people. Ned Nwoko is a man of the people, regardless of how anyone looks at it, and has made good of the blessings put in his hands by God and this is what matters. 


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