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Has Anyone Seen How Nollywood Actor, Hanks Anuku Looks Lately?

Zubby Michael & Hanks Anuku.

New photos of Nollywood Actor, Hanks Anuku have surfaced online they show that something could be wrong with the once very vibrant, strong, and exuberant Nigerian and Ghanaian actor. 

Mr. Anuku has starred in so many movies, but as the villain in a lot of them, but in 2017, he got naturalized as an American with his family relocating to Ghana and becoming Ghanaian citizens by naturalization. 

He recently visited fellow actor, Zubby Michael and appeared this way, which got people asking if he was ok health-wise or if something was wrong with him?

A few people suggested also that he might have drug related issues, as he is one of the actor who are known for their use and sampling of diverse drugs or various brands.


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