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See How Nollywood Actress, Rita Daniels Is Destroying The Life Of Her Daughter, Regina Daniels With Her Greed & Insatiable Desire For Wealth.

Regina & Rita Daniels.

We are very certain that the video made by the shameless mother of the 6th wife of Billionaire business man and former House of Reps member, Prince Ned Nwoko, the very unsuccessful Nollywood Actress, Rita Daniels has circulated wide and a few people are asking why a mother with her kind of dirty story would be against another lady, a matured one for that matter from being friends with her daughters husband in 2020?

More shameful is the fact that Rita Daniels forgot very urgently that her daughter, through her instrumentality, got married to a man with 5 wives and these women did not raise knives and guns against the two of them and now, she thinks she has the right to tell a mature man whom to associate or not associate with?

When she was planning and scheming her daughter's way to marrying Prince Ned Nwoko, she forgot that the man had, before Regina Daniels, been with other women and had married some of them? Oh, she thought, that she and her daughter, Regina would continue to be in charge of things around Ned when it has always been obvious he had married 5 before her? HOW POSSIBLE.

Today, she is crying fowl over nothing because, "Precious Eze"s Blog" have it on good authority that Prince Ned Nwoko and Chika Ike had always been friends, for years before he even met Regina Daniels, one therefore would wonder why the cry for nothing as old friends decided to reconnect?

Meanwhile, is Rita Daniels not even ashamed that she is the one dragging husband for her daughter as if Regina is married to a small boy? Infact, her actions alone is enough to make her daughters husband send both herself and her daughter out of his house so they could go for some serious tutorials, as if this is like Nollywood Movie to them and not marriage.

How dare she do this? Was she expecting a KING-MAKER like Ned Nwoko not to help others if they need his assistance in anyway possible? Would Regina had married Ned Nwoko, regardless of the places her mother went and the things she did, if the other wives had cursed and abused her like this? Or she didn't think that if those other wives had said NEVER, Regina have had a chance?

If ever Regina Daniels had any chance in that house, her mother, Rita Daniels has helped close those chances with her display of stupidity coming from woman whose only role in the house of Ned Nwoko is how to milk the man dry with all the deals she makes with and amongst her colleagues in the industry. Some of us who are privy to these information had been waiting for a time like this when "Monkey go go market and not return again" and the time is now, as her time is up.

How does a mother send her daughter off to marriage and refuse to leave her daughter and her husband some breathing space to enjoy their union as husband and wife? Instead, she parked her things and moved to her daughter's house like an "IGWIIM".

Well, truth is, she orchestrated the marriage in the first place, she will destroy it with her own hands, as with the way and manner she is going about this, her greed and insatiable desire for money through crooked means will lead to her doom.

Meanwhile, I am seeing vision and that is, that these people will drive Prince Ned Nwoko to marrying a 7th one soon and no one would fault him if he does, that is, if HE HASN'T ALREADY. 

Someone should borrow Regina Daniels some sense now, as she actually need some.


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