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The Prosperity Of The Niger-Delta In My Time Would Be The Best Way To Celebrate My Life – NDDC’s EDP, Cairo Ojougboh.

Dr. Cairo Ojougboh.

The Acting Executive Director, Projects of the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, Dr. Cairo Ojougboh, has called on friends and well-wishers who are planning to celebrate his birthday, to rather pay a visit to the nearest motherless babies’ home or similar charity within the Niger-Delta, with a view to sharing whatever goodwill they may have with the less privileged in the region.

Dr. Ojougboh, whose birthday is on September 8, said it was more important to him that the less privileged in the society are uplifted and celebrated on such occasions, rather than the ostentation and media glitz which usually marked them.

Speaking at the commission’s new headquarters complex in Port Harcourt on Monday, Dr. Ojougboh said: “Many of my friends and associates are planning to celebrate me tomorrow. I understand that many of them are planning to take out congratulatory adverts in the media, to celebrate me on my birthday. While I appreciate the thoughts, I would rather they used this opportunity to remember those who are in dire straits, as there are many Nigerians, particularly in the Niger Delta region, who are facing various forms of difficulties and who should be taken care of”.

It has been my life’s calling, he continued as a Christian and human being, to look out for the less privileged in our society. I always take time on my birthday to celebrate them. This particular birthday I would rather that everyone join me in praying for their well-being, and in offering our widow’s mite in helping to improve their living conditions.

Dr. Ojougboh noted that his work in the NDDC has further opened his eyes to the poverty and socioeconomic hardship in the region and he will use the occasion of his birthday to rededicate himself to the service of the people he says.

“My work in NDDC must be geared to helping improve the living conditions of our people and after so many years of under-development and neglect, we are, as members of the Interim Management Committee, IMC, bestowed with the rare privilege to change the region’s narrative as we are determined to ensure that NDDC rises to the challenge and moral obligation of its mandate, to facilitate regional sustainable development.

“The Niger Delta deserves no less. Our people deserve no less. And tomorrow I want my birthday to be an occasion for deep reflections, for rededication to service of the region, the less privileged and humanity. To see the Niger Delta prosper will be a fitting celebration of my life.”

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