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With Shan George Out Of The Market, Nigerians Are Asking When Her Competition In The Game Of Many Marriages, Clarion Chukwurah Marry Her Next Husband?

Clarion & Shan.
In the movie industry in Nigerian popularly called Nollywood today, there are just two women who are known for their love for men and marriage and they are, Clarion Chukwurah and Shan George, who are reputed for their prowess in going in and out of marital bliss with ease with either old or younger men.

Today, is it no longer news that Shan George is engaged to marry her fourth official husband, after waiting and dating boys younger than her first son just to keep body and soul, but have decided to jettison them to focus with one man and next should be Clarion Chukwurah.

Reputed to be one of the best cravers of love and relationships in Nollywood, Clarion has married and married till some of us lost count of how many men she had been with, including all the actors, journalists and publisher who crossed her lane.

So, with her sisterhood and only competition, Shan George out of the way of marriage for now, people are asking when it would be the turn of Auntie Clarion Chukwurah to get her own man, since marriage is now what they all crave for as they get older?

We will keep our readers abreast of developing stories in this regard when she eventually find herself another man to marry.


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