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(VIDEO) Nollywood Female Actor, Ruby Orjiakor Disgraces Herself Spraying Of N50 Notes On Villagers At The Burial Of Comedian, Deacon Famous's Father.

Ruby Orjikor who calls herself SHOW STOPPER is being dragged by her followers on Instagram for being childish in her bid to give herself some image not befitting her.

In her post recently, she showed a video of herself attend the burial of the father of comedian, Deacon Famous where she came and started spraying N50 Naira notes on villagers which scampered even into the mud to grab the money.

Ruby Orjiakor.

Majority of her followers berated her for downgrading human beings the way she did, with making villagers fall into the flood and mud to pick the money as she throws them at, just N50 Naira notes, at them like children.

Truly, this is the character Ruby Orjiakor exhibits at shows just to announce her presence in her to chase clout and to feel among. 


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