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When Will The Nigerian "SAMARIAN WOMAN", Nollywood Actor, Stella Damasus Bring Home Her Next Husband?

Stella & Daniel.

For some of our readers who are of the Christian faith, you all would remember the story in John 4, which told the story of the Samarian woman who met Jesus beside the well as she came to fetch water and Jesus told her the story of her life, being married to five husbands already, living with a man who wasn't her husband at that point in time.

The background of this is to lay the foundation of this piece which centres on non other than serial husband marrier, Stella Damasus, who had been married to different men, dated some more, including stealing or for lack of a better word, snatching the husband of her colleague to add to her list of husbands.

Truth is, "Precious Eze's Blog" have it on good authority that the marriage between Stella Damasus and her last husband, Daniel Ademinokan have crashed as they now live in separate cities in the US.

The crux of their fight is what we cannot ascertain immediately, but the collapse of Stella at the protest by the END-SARS movement in the US a few days ago and her subsequent rush to the hospital for resuscitation shows that their is fire on the mountain, and this marriage which she went all out to make happen has sudden parked up like a waste-bin.

Another angle being brandished here is fact that the colleague from whom she snatched Daniel from, Doris Simon has also relocated to the US, where Stella and Daniel had been living for over five years since the two left Nigeria to live happy ever after, so, the moving out from their home in Dallas to another location by Daniel Ademinokan may not be unconnected with his first wife, Doris whom he may have return to, especially when he parked out of Stella's house with the son he and Doris had together.

According to information reaching "Precious Eze's Blog", Stella Damasus maybe suffering from very high blood pressure due to the stress of losing the man she took the bull by its horn, damned all consequences to snatch from a fellow actor, whose union with husband was sweet as we all saw then, and now, the same man have dumped her for a yet an unknown destination, and maybe, another woman or a return to Doris who had a son for him and is now resident in the US.

Stella as we all now know, is the complete replica of that Samarian woman who derived pleasure in marrying as many men as she could lay her hands on and so, now that Daniel is gone, we her fans are looking forward to having her bring home another husband till she is able to run to the street to call people to come see the man who told her all her secrets.

Stella Damasus, the good Samarian woman.

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