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Linda Ejiofor vrs Adesua Etomi: ARE THESE TWO STILL FRIENDS?

Adesua & Linda.

Someone had earlier hinted of the possibility of a break in the relationship between Banky-W's wife, Adesua Etomi-Wellington and her bossom friend and Chief Bridesmaid, Linda Ejiofor-Suleiman, a relationship that has stayed the test of time and we decided to reachout to them through this medium.

The relationship between these two is one all could see was filled with maturity, love, mutual respect and complete trust for each other, and had also extended to their husbands, but one hardly see them together anymore as they used to these.

When Linda put to bed, people were expecting Adesua to carry the matter for head as friends do for each other, but she wasn't as excited for her friend as was being expected, same friend who carried her matter for head during their wedding, so that caught the attention of those who loved what they shared.

They caught the eyes of everyone around as an ideal form of relationship between two women (WHICH IS RARE), but what the feelings are now is different from what it used to be and people are beginning to take note and are asking questions.

What is happening to Adesua Etomi and Linda Ejiofor?

Yes, friends have issues, but their kind of friendship is one admired by people around the would, so, if there is a problem, HOPING THERE ISN'T AND WON'T ANY, they should have mercy on us their fans and come back together reconciled.

We love them too well to let them go separate as we don't wish for a repeat of Kate Henshew and Stella Damasus case, though the circumstances are completely different.


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