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WITH TWO FAILED MARRIAGES TO HIS CREDIT, What Guarantees Does Nollywood’s Rita Dominic Have With Fidelis Anosike?

Rita & Fidelis.

Fidelis Anosike, the controversial owner of Folio Communications Ltd., is a man who has had his ups and downs, both in business and in his personal life, but that which stands out is the fact that he has been married twice, and twice, the marriages had crashed.

So, if what is going on between himself and Nollywood diva, Rita Dominic is real, or has been real as they decided to make it public now, we hope this would be his last shot at marriage?

Yes, it didn’t come as a shock to some of us who knew there was something going on between them, but marriage is a tough one as the two of them are hard nuts, and we must recognize that so we don’t put them under undue pressure to perform to our yearnings.

Rita on her part, had had her own fare share with relationships, including some very complicated ones, but at her age and with all her experiences, one would expect that she would put in her best to make this first experience with marriage work if that is where they are headed, especially with all the bad stories trailing her married colleagues as though its becoming a norm for marriages of Nollywood actors to crash within two years.

Another area she should cover is the side of her THIEF-COLLEAGUES, I mean those of them whose call to fame is the stealing of their colleague boyfriends and husband. This is becoming so rampant in the industry where female actors shamelessly sleep around with their colleagues/friends men for either money or as payback for what they did together as singles and with a money man like Fidelis Anosike, you can be sure that these vey shameless ladies would come to try their lucks.

We therefore wish her well if she decides to marry him.


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