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Aisha Yesufu Comes Under Very Huge Attack By Nigerians Over Her Post On The History Of Same-Sex Relationships In Nigeria.

Aisha Yesusu.

The Arewa youths and other Nigerians came heavily against very vocal human rights activist, Aisha Yesusu over her comments on twitter in support of people with different sexual orientation, especially, the practice of same in Northern Nigeria.

The practice of homosexuality in the North had been in the news on recent times, but the boldness to speak out either for it or against it had been an issue, but Aisha in her usual self came out, make her opinion known and they are after her.

SHE WROTE: "You do not need anyone liking your choice of sexuality. All you need is being given the right to practice your sexuality. Homosexuality was freely practiced in Nigeria for hundreds of years and I witnessed same sex marriages in the 80s".

We have been waiting to hear people demystify with facts and figures, instead, what they have on offer are attacks to silence her opinions.


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