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TWO PASTORS BROUGHT TO MY ISOLATION CENTRE ARE ALL DEAD -- Says "Ali Baba" As He Warns Against Listening To Pastors & Imans.

Ali Baba.

The pioneer of the Comedy industry in Nigeria, Ali Baba Atunyota Akpobome, also known as Ali Baba is warning Nigerians very seriously about believing their Pastors and Imams as against what science says about the dreaded Coronavirus.

His Twit.
Writing from an Isolation centre where he obviously is, being a victim himself (supposedly), he wrote sending very strong signals that the virus is real and that we should adhere to what science says about safety.

In his twit, he wrote: Covid is real11111111ooooooooo. Don't listen to no stupid pastor or imam ooo. At my isolation centre, pastors in denial were brought in and 2 did not make it.

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