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Big Brother Naija Star, Angel Awotarigha Beaten To Stupour By An Angry Mob Organized By A Bolt (Taxify) Driver In Lagos, VOWs To Come For Them.


Angel Awotarigha was one of the contestants of the 2018 edition of the Big Brother Naija Reality show but his life took a twist when a Texify driver, otherwise known as Bolt he took in Lagos decided to go against their agreed route and took another destination.

When he was dropped off, Angel protested by refusing to pay for the ride, which the driver didn't find funny, thereby calling his thug friends and they started beating Angel up to the extent he had to run to hide the toilet a shop in the Lekki area of Lagos.

According to the video attached here, he was bitten on his neck, wounded almost everywhere, and he is asking for justice from Bolt whose driver perpetuated the act against his person for no reason or reasons whatsoever.

One of the ladys with his when the incident happened was also very divested and claimed when she spoke from where Angel was hiding that the boys were looking for Angel to kill him, so she had to hide him inside the toilet of the shop so they don't have access to him

One wonders therefore how a hired driver would not follow the instruction of the person paying for the hiring and when business goes soar, calls his thug friends to his rescue, maybe continues to drive in the same company because nothing happens to him.

We therefore call on the management of Taxify, now Bolt to make sure this driver is not only cautioned, but removed from the system so he doesn't end up killing one of his clients one day.

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