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CORD-CUTTING GUIDE: How to Enhance Your Online Streaming Experience.

If you feel like you are the only one who has been nursing the idea of cutting the cable cord for better alternatives, know that you are not alone. During the pandemic, social distancing measures have been put in place across the globe, and a lot of people have turned to streaming for entertainment at home.

From household to household, people are looking for on-demand content that is accessible and cheap. To many, the answer lies in cutting the cord.

In 2019, the number of cord-cutting households was projected to climb as high as 18.4 million. We are at the turn of a new decade now, and the numbers don’t look like they are slowing down anytime.

In this piece, we do not impose cord cutting on you. Besides helping you come to a logical conclusion for yourself, we also offer the needed tips to help you get the best out of cord-cutting should you choose to lose the cable this year.

Are there valid reasons to not cut the cord?

Believe it or not, there are a lot of cogent reasons why you should not even give cord-cutting a second thought. Some of such are:

      Bundles are great – if costs are a huge factor for you, buying cable TV bundles could give you so much more for so much lesser

      Lags – if you don’t have a solid internet connection, or have too many people in your home trying to stream all at once, you might not get the best viewing experience.

      Picture quality – unlike the case with cable TV, the picture quality you get is dependent on the strength of your internet connection.

      DVR Experience – not all streaming services give you the option to record your favorite programs, rewind or fast forward as you wish.

      Live news – for those who love live news, there is almost nowhere else to get the same feel as cable. Streaming platforms come close, but they don't offer the same live news effect you get on traditional TV.


Are there better reasons to cut the cord?

Depending on what ‘better’ means to you, some of the reasons why you should take a knife to the cable connection can be found below:

      Focus on sports streaming – sports content is one of the biggest arguments made for cable TV. Streaming services are now bringing them better deals. Seeing as Amazon is currently bidding for the rights to certain sports content exclusively (not to mention that all of Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo also have non-exclusive rights to certain games), the landscape is fast-changing

      Cost – it is estimated that the average TV viewer only uses less than 1% of their total bundle. Watching about 0.09% of all the channels in a certain bundle is surely a waste of money when they could have gotten to choose just what they wanted to see with streaming alternatives

      5G is coming – worried about the problem of slow internet connection too? 5G is here already, and 2020 is the year when we start seeing the wide deployment of the service. With the promised speeds and latency times, cord-cutting will become even more desirable.

      Options – want movies only? Go for Netflix. Love sports? Options like fuboTV are there for you. Is traditional TV your thing? YouTube TV handles that for you. No matter what you want, you can always find a legalized streaming platform waiting to make it happen for you.

      Accessibility – imagine not having to worry about getting stuck in traffic on the way home while there is an ongoing MLB/ NFL game. Now that you have your device at hand, you can just relax in your Uber ride home and follow the game live.

      Smart TVs are here – why would you own a smart TV and not take advantage of it anyways? Your smart TV is wasting away if all you do with it is watch cable channels.


What streaming platforms are there for me?

Quite a lot of them, if you ask us. We will list some of the very best ones below, and when they make the most sense too:

      YouTube TV – the best in all categories, offering more channels for less money

      SlingTV – the ideal cable TV alternative for those worrying about costs

      Netflix – most loved platform when it comes to movies, shows, series as well as original content you won’t find elsewhere

      AT&T Watch TV – solid for the price, which is almost a steal.

      fuboTV – great for sports.

Pro Tip: You get so much more when you use a VPN to access more content. For example, with a VPN for Netflix, you can change your server location and watch shows and movies from another catalogue by overcoming geo-blocking. Likewise, you get to avoid game blackouts and such other restrictions on other platforms.


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